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15 January, Fimber Green, led by Allan Wrightson

gpx track     Walkers: 10 (full) 3 (shorter)   Distance:  12.4 (8.4) miles      Total ascent: 1011ft (655ft)
Back marker: A. Walker
Extra pics by Gillian Cook, Wayne Dosdale and Gary Malcolm 


Blue track indicates shorter route

Elevation profile of longer route













 Pics below by Gillian Cook


Pics below by Wayne Dosdale
Pics below by Gary Malcolm

PRE-WALK INFO: (If supplied) Walk leader's description of start point/general information about route.

A slightly shorter walk is available by waiting at Wetwang pond and joining the main walk at 10.30am.   You will be able to split from the main walk towards the end and make a simple independent return to Wetwang along a road.