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11 June Bempton Pond, led by Lisa Crozier

Never lose touch with the person ahead or the person behind

gpx track     walkers: 9   Distance: 4.9 miles    Total ascent: 608ft

Back marker:  A Walker   Mapping data supplied by Bob Clutson.  Pics by Margaret Atkinson and Bob Clutson




Pics below by Bob Clutson


Pics below by Margaret Atkinson






PRE-WALK INFO: (If supplied) Walk leader's description of start point/general information about route.

Hello, a little bit of information about my walk next Sunday. (Please note it is an 11:00 start not 10am.) It will be a gentle, slowish 4 mile, 'looking' walk so if you want a long, robust walk this probably won't be for you. However, if you would like to join me , I'm sure you will have a good day.

I'm afraid we have to start off on the road towards the bird sanctuary but after that it's fine. Lunch will be at the centre where there are toilets, hot drinks and sandwiches available or bring your own. Then binocular time. Along the cliff top to see the largest mainland colony of gannets and puffins and so many more, the RAF Cold War site and magnificent views... hopefully. The puffins are still in residence although they will be leaving sometime this month so this is your last chance to see them this year).

Then we walk through some absolutely magnificent wildflower meadows. Back to Buckton, along the Main Street and to Richard Burton's art gallery and tea room (if you want) before crossing fields back to Bempton pond. Regards Lisa


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