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9-12 June, East Yorkshire and Derwent RA camp, Middleton-in-Teesdale

Never lose touch with the person ahead or the person behind

23 attended, from Hull and Holderness, Ryedale, Scarborough and York groups.  Tent campers: 16, motorhome: 2, B&B: 5.


Extra pics by Wayne Dosdale, Donna Dosdale and Gary Malcolm




Friday 9 June, Middleton-in-Teesdale, led by Wayne Dosdale.

gpx track  walkers: 19   Distance: 4.9 miles      Total ascent: 834ft 

Back marker: Harry Whitehouse 


The ever-present Kirkcarrion (see Sunday evening walk below) on the horizon.


Pics below by Wayne Dosdale

Pics below by Gary Malcolm

Friday 10 June, High Cup Nick, led by Harry Whitehouse.

gpx track   walkers: 21   Distance: 10  miles      Total ascent: 1808ft 

Back marker: Wayne Dosdale/Gary Malcolm 




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Pics below by Wayne Dosdale

Pic below by Donna Dosdale


Sunday 10 June, River Tees (Low Force/High Force), led by Harry Whitehouse.

gpx track  walkers: 19   Distance: 9.1 miles      Total ascent:1041ft

Back marker: Gary Malcolm

Possibly the most ill-advised sign ever erected by a land-owner, who is absolutely correct in stating that there is no right of way along the edge of the field.  To stay on the right of way, walkers should continue along the trodden riverside path for 100 yards, then walk diagonally to the wall, trampling the farmer's crops.

Pics below by Wayne Dosdale

Pics below by Donna Dosdale

Pics below by Gary Malcolm

Sunday 11 June, Kirkcarrion.

Walkers: 7  

An evening stroll of less than a mile to Kirkcarrion, a Bronze Age burial mound that looms over Middleton.  In years gone by, local people stayed well clear of the hillock, as it was regarded with superstition.  It was reputed to be haunted by a spectral horseman and his accompanying foot soldiers. Trees were planted in the 1930s, and three small cairns have since appeared.  A dry stone wall surrounds the site.

Pics below by Wayne Dosdale

Pics below by Donna Dosdale

Monday 12 June, Lartington, led by Wayne Dosdale.

gpx track   walkers: 7  Distance: 6.3 miles      Total ascent:706ft

Back marker: A Walker.


Pics below by Wayne Dosdale

Pics below by Donna Dosdale

PRE-WALK INFO: (If supplied) Walk leader's description of start point/general information about route.


Area Camp, Middleton-in-Teesdale, June 9-12

The venue is Leekworth Caravan and Camping Park, Leekworth Lane, Middleton, DL12 0TL,
NGR NY959 248, three-quarters of a mile from the town centre.

It is beside the River Tees, in beautiful surroundings, with a brand new shower and toilet block.

Our party will be together in an adults-only area, with a no-noise policy after 10.30pm.

Single occupancy of a tent is charged at 8.50 a night, and double occupancy costs 16.50.  Electrical hook-ups are available.



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