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21 May, Hole of Horcum, led by Gary Malcolm

Never lose touch with the person ahead or the person behind

gpx track     walkers: 16    Distance: 12  miles      Total ascent: 1815ft

Back marker: Richard Bedford and Jeff Horton

Extra pics by Gillian Cook, Wayne and Donna Dosdale, Gary Malcolm and Peter Bettany


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Pics below by Gillian Cook
Pics below by Wayne and Donna Dosdale
Pics below by Peter Bettany
Pics below by Gary Malcolm
PRE-WALK INFO: (If supplied) Walk leader's description of start point/general information about route.

The walk from the Hole of Horcum car park ( cost of parking £3 for the day) is as follows. A nice easy first mile or so going downhill and crossing the railway before going up Needle Point ( short sharp climb). Then proceeds through the forest before coming out on open moorland and running  ( not literally ) at the top of the valley offering fine views to the north overlooking the railway. We soon head to the north west visiting the ancient tumulus of Simon Howe and then head west downhill to eventually cross the stepping stones near Wheeldale Lodge ( there is an alternative if we have a lot of rain during the week and the stepping stones are impassable)  There is a short climb up to join the Roman Road to Wheeldale Bridge . We turn into the forest here and after some twists and turns come out at Brown Howe to join a road, and then track, down to eventually come out at Newtondale Halt on the railway. We’ll almost certainly  take a break here before the steep climb out of the valley . My gps recorded 11.2 mile. Conditions underfoot at the time of the recce (May 11th ) were generally very dry apart from a couple of sections in the forest . Stick(s )  advised for a couple of the downhill sections.


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