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6 May, Hull, led by Susan Earnshaw
(with contributions from Wayne and Donna Dosdale, Tom Rhodes and Keith Woodley)

Never lose touch with the person ahead or the person behind

gpx track     walkers: 22    Distance: 5.1  miles    

Back marker: A Walker

Extra pics by Susan Earnshaw, Gillian Cook and Wayne Dosdale


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Pics below by Susan Earnshaw






Pics below by Gillian Cook


Pics below by Wayne Dosdale
PRE-WALK INFO: (If supplied) Walk leader's description of start point/general information about route.
Susan has timed her walk next Saturday to coincide with the arrival of the 09.02 train from Scarborough (arrives 10.28) and the walk will only start once the train has arrived. Some people have said they would like to board the train at other stations en route and the times are
Scarborough 09.02
Seamer        09.07
Filey            09.17
Hunmanby   09.22
Bempton      09.32
Bridlington    09.41

Return trains to Scarborough leave Hull at
14.44       arr    16.15
 16.14      arr    17.44
 17.38      arr    19.15
 19.22      arr    20.59

with a railcard 
  •  £10.15 day return

without a railcard

  • £23.10 for a duo ticket for 2 people. Both must travel together there and back.
  • Individual £15.40 day return
I suggest that those travelling by train from Scarborough meet at the station no later than 08.45 to allow time to 'pair up' and buy tickets.

Car Parking
Anyone wishing to drive to Hull can find information about parking at
or park at the station for £5.20 for an all day ticket http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/stations/HUL/details.html
I hope this is helpful and look forward to seeing you for an excellent day out!
This is an urban walk, so comfortable shoes rather than walking boots will be fine.  
You may choose to have lunch in one of the numerous pubs in Hullís Old Town, but there is also a pleasant spot to enjoy a packed
The walk starts from the statue of the poet, Philip Larkin, on Hull station.  
Other sites on this walk include the Weeping Window Poppy Sculpture, the home of William Wilberforce, the Land of Green Ginger, 
Trinity House, which was responsible for the pilotage of ships from 1541 to 1987, and Hull grammar school, founded in 1583, 
where the poet Andrew Marvell was educated.  
There will also be a walk along the pathway beside the Humber, where you can see the statue erected to the two million 
immigrants who passed through Hull on their way to the USA and the memorial to the trawler men from Hull who lost their 
lives at sea, as well as the iconic building, The Deep.



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