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Scarborough member (anon) September 2015.
Mallorca, a Spanish island in the Mediterranean, 
about 125 miles east of mainland Spain

Where was the trip?

Mallorca, north and north west coast, two centres 1. Port de Soller 2. San Telmo

What was the date of the trip and how long did you go for?

12/9/15 for two weeks

What was the weather like? ( eg hot, too hot, cold, windy, wet, snow)

Hot; 27 to 34 degrees celsius during day.

Was the trip organised or self-led? Please give details, if you wish, of the organisers and whether you would recommend them to others.

Ramblers Holiday Company. Would recommend.

Describe the  landscape, eg hilly, mountainous, volcanic, flat? and also describe the vegetation, eg forests, agricultural, orchards ?

Hilly and mountainous with some coast walks. Beaches at both resorts.Panoramic views of Med. Olive and lemaon orchards and pine forests/mountain scrub

What were the paths like, eg muddy, hard, overgrown, well signposted?

Hard and dry paths- cobbles and loose stone and gravel in many places with steep ascents and descents

What was the leadership and fellow walkers like?


Overall, please grade the whole walking trip in terms of enjoyment and interest from 1 ( did not enjoy at all) to 10 ( brilliant)

First week 8/9, Second week 7

Name of reviewer ( leave blank if you wish to remain anonymous)


Please append a few photographs to illustrate the walking environment .

Thank you

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