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Gary Malcolm Tour du Mont Blanc September 2015.

Where was the trip?

Tour du Mont Blanc, circular walk of 165km circumnavigating Mt Blanc through France, Switzerland and Italy

What was the date of the trip and how long did you go for?

8/9/15 for 11 days, 1 rest day in Italy

What was the weather like? ( eg hot, too hot, cold, windy, wet, snow)

Hot to begin with but weather got worse and last three days wet,cold and misty

Was the trip organised or self-led? Please give details, if you wish, of the organisers and whether you would recommend them to others.

Organised. Salamander Adventures. Would recommend.

Describe the  landscape, eg hilly, mountainous, volcanic, flat? and also describe the vegetation, eg forests, agricultural, orchards ?

Mountain scenery, mainly above tree line, but walking through some forests.Ibex, golden eagles, marmots and adder seen

What were the paths like, eg muddy, hard, overgrown, well signposted?

Mainly well defined path, muddy in places but generally firm and rocky

What was the leadership and fellow walkers like?

Good leader, 4 very fit walkers, 2 averagely fit walkers and myself ( indeterminate category)

Overall, please grade the whole walking trip in terms of enjoyment and interest from 1 ( did not enjoy at all) to 10 ( brilliant)

8, would have been 9 but stomach bug on day 1
( Indian restaurant, big mistake)

Name of reviewer

Gary Malcolm 

Please append a few photographs to illustrate the walking environment .

Thank you

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