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Wayne and Donna Dosdale Northumberland August  2016

Where was the trip?

Northumberland Fontburn Reservoir

What was the date of the trip and how long did you go for?

26th August 2016 4 days

What was the weather like? ( eg hot, too hot, cold, windy, wet, snow)

Wet, quite windy

Was the trip organised or self-led? Please give details, if you wish, of the organisers and whether you would recommend them to others.

Led by local Ramblers group, Derwentside

Describe the  landscape, eg hilly, mountainous, volcanic, flat? and also describe the vegetation, eg forests, agricultural, orchards ?

Hilly, forests and fields

What were the paths like, eg muddy, hard, overgrown, well signposted?

Wet, muddy and overgrown

What was the leadership and fellow walkers like?

Leadership...quite knowledgeable

Fellow Walkers- friendly and welcoming

Overall, please grade the whole walking trip in terms of enjoyment and interest from 1 ( did not enjoy at all) to 10 ( brilliant)


Name of reviewer

Wayne and Donna

Please append a few photographs to illustrate the walking environment .

Thank you

Quite good area to walk

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