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Sheena O'Connell Bavaria/Austria Sept 2016

Where was the trip?

Tegernsee Bavaria and

Mayrhofen Austria


What was the date of the trip and how long did you go for?

3rd September 2016 for 14 days

What was the weather like? ( eg hot, too hot, cold, windy, wet, snow)

Perfect Blue Skies.Hiking at altitude ( c 2246 metres) could be cool

Was the trip organised or self-led? Please give details, if you wish, of the organisers and whether you would recommend them to others.

HF Holidays, well known company and would recommend .

Describe the  landscape, eg hilly, mountainous, volcanic, flat? and also describe the vegetation, eg forests, agricultural, orchards ?

Hilly/mountainous( 2nd week in Zillertal Alps), natural hay  meadows, woods.

What were the paths like, eg muddy, hard, overgrown, well signposted?

A mixture- Rocky, steep, slippery, muddy some full of tree roots, challenging descents, well sign posted. Some EXTREMELY CHALLENGING WALKING!

What was the leadership and fellow walkers like?

Leaders very good. 2 leaders on each walk offering 2 levels of walks. 16 walkers on first week, a very happy group. 3 moved on to second week, much larger group and some were doing their own walks. Did not gell as well as first group. I think the leaders could have done more to get the group to mix in the evenings.

Any other comments Hotels in both locations were first class. Food excellent with lots of choice, staff friendly and helpful

Overall, please grade the whole walking trip in terms of enjoyment and interest from 1 ( did not enjoy at all) to 10 ( brilliant)


Name of reviewer ( leave blank if you wish to remain anonymous)


Please append a few photographs to illustrate the walking environment .

Thank you

Sheena O'Connell



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